TV in room without aerial socket

VBox devices are the solution, when you want to have TV in the room withou aerial socket. Connect on of VBox devices to the aerial socket and to your home network and VBox will stream your aerial broadcasting to all devices in you home network. It can be smart TV, personal computer, notebook notebook, tablet or mobil phone. 


1 Live Broadcast TV is sent out by your local stations 2 Captured by a Satellite, Antenna or Cable connected to your VBox 3 VBox records programs on to your USB, SD Card or NAS storage 4 Streams and recasts live and recorded content to the connected device 5 Turn multiple devices into TV screens- Smart TVs, Smartphones, Tablets, PCs and more.


VBox Android TV Gateway for Aerial/Antenna - XTi 4144 for DVB-T/T2 can be connected to one device through HDMI and can stream 4 independent channels from 4 multiplexes to various devices. Older and cheaper VBox TV Gateway for Terrestrial – DVB-T/T2 XTi 3442 can stream 2 independent channel to various devices.

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