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If  you always wanted to watch  combined Satellite + Terrestrial (or Cable)  Free-To-Air TV on one single screen. With our new 4134 and 3442 Bundle product offering, you can seamlessly and easily do so. Easy and immediate viewing through the VBox Live TV app.

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UK: Freeview and Freesat

Ireland: Saorview and Freesat

Germany: Free Cable TV (DVB-C) and Astra 1KR/1L/1M/1N (19.2 E)

and more…

Now offered at a special bundle price – contact us for details.

Want to enjoy broadcast Live TV at home that’s just right for you, on the device and app of your choice? Look no further!

Here at VBox, we have developed a solid alternative for live TV streaming that combines your live local TV channels with online streaming services. Using a single box, you can seamlessly watch, stream and recorded live TV content to multiple devices simultaneously, free from monthly subscription fees and free from cords. Simply connect your Antenna, Cable or Satellite feed and enjoy.


1 Live Broadcast TV is sent out by your local stations 2 Captured by a Satellite, Antenna or Cable connected to your VBox 3 VBox records programs on to your USB, SD Card or NAS storage 4 Streams and recasts live and recorded content to the connected device 5 Turn multiple devices into TV screens- Smart TVs, Smartphones, Tablets, PCs and more.


 The VBox TV Gateway is a revolutionary device that sits on your home network and streams your favorite TV channels to your connected devices. Simply plug your Satellite, Antenna/Terrestrial or Cable TV feeds directly to the VBox to watch and record Local digital broadcast TV in broadcast-quality, across your home.


One Box Solution

Free yourself from TV subscription fees, and keep watching your favorite local news, sports, weather, and other Live TV shows and channels from a variety of broadcast sources, Satellite (DVB-S), Terrestrial (DVB-T/T2 / ATSC / ISDB-T) and Cable (DVB-C).

VBox delivers content in full broadcast-quality, up to 4K, to your big screen TV and recasts it to your connected devices, without using your bandwidth or data plan. Enabling you to watch TV anywhere, anytime.

With VBox you can record and stream content to multiple devices and channels simultaneously, so that you and other household members can watch different Live or recorded channels, at the same time. The easy multi-room DVR enables you to recast content to additional rooms and devices at home without any additional cable installations.

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