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Delivery Information

  • Goods are delivered between 1-4 business days on orders placed by 18:00 CET (See table below)
  • Delivery dates and estimated delivery times are confirmed via email after orders are processed.
  • Payments can be made by credit,  debit card by PayPal

Delivery Terms by Country

 CountryDelivery Times*CarrierDelivery Price
austriaAustria2-3 daysPost€0
bulgariaBulgaria2-4 daysGLS€0
croatiaCroatia2-3 daysGLS€0
estoniaEstonia2-4 daysGLS€0
germanyGermany2-3 daysDHL€0
hungaryHungary1 dayGLS€0
latviaLatvia2-4 daysDHL€0
lithuaniaLithuania2-4 daysDHL€0
polandPoland2 daysDPD€0
romaniaRomania2-3 daysGLS€0
sloveniaSlovenia2-3 daysGLS€0


paypalShop vboxcomm.eu uses PayPal payments. PayPal is an electronic method of payment, with accounts that function in the same way as normal bank accounts. Transactions are instantaneous, including transferring funds between accounts. PayPal connects you to millions of online shops around the world, and is often regarded as the Internet bank for everyone.